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hoime pageDj Music Events is an idea by Betty Dj Staff - - she is an Italian Dj that since 2005 have developed a special musical experience in  Special Events and Private Parties in Italy, Tuscany, from all over the world. Weddings, Cerimonies, Anniversaries, Civil Partnership, Birthday Parties etc.. of all nationalities also through collaborations with renowned Event planners.

Our  Sound and Lighting System Rental services are designed for do-it-yourself renters and DJs, are user friendly and very affordable.
We are  also able to offer an Audio and Lighting Service  with professional technicians to create Architectural Lighting with Wireless Par Led to create the right atmosphere for your Event customizing your location.

We can also provide Fairy Lights service to create a "country" atmosphear during you dinner time on the classics country Tuscany's locations.

We are a friendly but professional team, always ready to take care every single musical and technical detail of your event.

If you're looking for a professional Dj, Sound and Light equipment to make feel your guests in Tuscany on the right mood, we will help you to make your party a big success!

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