wedding party sound track in italy




This is how we envisage your wedding’s sound track


What would the most beautiful movie be without its sound track? The same applies to weddings, one of the most important days of our lives. This is why we make sure all the sound details of your ceremony are carefully supervised.


Starting from your guests’ arrival...


When your families and friends arrive we will have chill-out music, almost inaudible, to give a sense of warm and serene welcome.


Here comes the bride…and the groom


Sometimes the newlyweds request soft music such as Enya and sometimes something really different, like the hymn of their favourite team!! What is important is to underline their arrival with the right music!


The aperitifs....


The music is now a bit more rhythmic, but still very elegant. Our choice ranges from jazz classics, swing, such as Frank Sinatra, Armstrong, Dean Martin, Michael Bublè, then Mario Biondi’s Latin Jazz, Soul, Funky, Bossa Nova and so on, all selected on the spot. The volume is still low but it is already hard not to move to the music!


The dinner…


The music for this moment is either selected by the wedding couple, otherwise we can provide a selection of great pop and rock pieces from all times.

And now the cutting of the cake.....


Again, the music may be selected by the couple, as the cutting of the cake is the most important moment, therefore the music selection must be as significant. I am recalling one of the nicest weddings we worked for, in the summer of 2007, in a villa above Fiesole, in the hills around Florence. The dinner was set in the wonderful gardens of the villa, set up for the occasion. The cake was placed on a table on the terrace overlooking Florence, and exactly after the cutting of the cake, the fireworks started with their song “Fix You” by Coldplay as soundtrack. The wedding cake, the couple embracing, the fireworks, “their” Fix You and the lights of one of the most beautiful cities in the world created wonderful sensations!


Shall we dance.....


The first dance is only for the newlyweds, but then the party starts, and we usually starts with the classics to move on to currents hits. It is impossible to describe the list since this depends very much on your nationality. Our music repertoire is really wide and we are always ready to meet your needs. What we tried to describe is only what would typically take place, since for us working for a wedding means music to listen to, dance to, as well as entertainment, karaoke, and all you may request!


Our passion forces us to supervise all the smallest music details based on your needs and tastes, to make it all simply …PERFECT!!


Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or all 39 3406100608.





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